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FI in ST6?


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Forced induction cars are taking a big hit with the dyno calc. in ST-5 especially against cars with a redline greater than 7,000 RPM. 7.2.3 would be fairer using the sum of the four highest data points which would still favor naturally aspirated cars. Not sure why you wouldn't allow it in ST-6 as the current rules heavily favor naturally aspirated cars and this would keep those cars in our organization.

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Forced induction cars have the ability to have a very wide range of flat HP curve that other lower displacement cars don't.   Unless someone has a very close ratio transmission (not permitted in ST5 or ST6 in reality), any benefit of trying to "game" the Avg HP formula would not come close to the benefit of having a completely flat HP curve from 2K to 7k+ rpm using FI.

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