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What class/car should I choose.

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I’m starting HPDE this year in the Great Lakes region but I would like to buy a car I can use for HPDE and also wheel to wheel racing. My first plan was to buy a e46 and build it for spece46 but after looking at how many drivers showed up for spece46 in the 2018 season I’m not so sure i want to go that route. Would there be any other classes I could race a spece46 car in while being somewhat competitive? I was also thinking about getting a car for gts2. What cars are the most competitive in gts2? Could I run a spece46 car in gts2 if I added aero and different tires and be competive? I just don’t want to build the car if no competition shows up. Any input or opinions would help me a lot. I would wait to buy the car till after I’ve done a few hpde but I need to buy a car so I have something to drive for the HPDEs and I would like to buy the car I plan on racing wheel to wheel in. Let me know what you think! 

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