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Hope everyone had fun at T-Hill. I had to settle for a Friday test at B-Willow. One problem with the car though, the engine occasionally will cut out (Stop-Running!) when I decelerate rapidly into a slow turn. Not Good. I'm running a Holley 4-barrel. I cleaned out the carb, and put another fuel-filter in line. There are some rust particals coming to the first filter from the fuel tank. Someone told me to check the "sock" (if there is one) on the end of the fuel tank pickup and see if it's possibly fouled. Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this problem? Hope to see Y'all at Sears. If not, count me in for next year as a Rookie. Thanx, ESSE' # 81. Oh Yea, "Good Job" on the new Site.


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I almost feel guilty only living 83 miles from T-Hill, 43 miles from Sears. I seriously have no plans to move anywhere else!;-)


Esse, my new motor had some problems with the valvetrain Sunday, missed race 2. Otherwise the break-in went fine. Also had a problem with the clutch. Should have it all purring for Sears! Good luck with your motor probs.





CMC #37 Gekko Racing TA


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We all do respect the fact that you drove that far,it really takes a great effort on your part,so thanks for coming up !! It would not have been the same with out you.

One thing, I'm surprised that a Chevy could tow that far with out breaking down,how did you do that?

Tony Guaglione

CMC # 55

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Thanks Tony I had a pretty good time. Running with CMC is always a blast Hopefully next time around I won't be the only one representing SoCal.


The truck made it up and back just fine, though I had to borrow some ignition parts off of a Mustang that was pitted next to me to get the truck in shape for the trip home.



- Nick #45

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