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Sears on Sat/Sun the 8/9


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Anyone up for running in group 4 one day this weekend. Having never run SP and having spent much of the day Sunday offroad at TH, I thought I best spend some time on the track (hopefully on the track as SP has way more concrete than TH) at SP.


I can run either day.



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I can't make it this weekend ,but Sears has the Oct 5-7th avail. and our Nov 3-4th event is also a good time to test.It was good to finally see your new car out there with us!!

I would be happy to help out in any way.



CMC #55

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I am famous for giving a party and not attending. Did same/same on Sunday. My BMR suspension parts did not arrive in town til Monday do to the lack of air last week, so I played some golf to tune up for the tourney this weekend instead of going to SP.


Hopefully I will win enough money to get the car further towards ready.


Oct 5/6 is a possible. A test or HPDE day??


Also, a buddy is getting a group together to run TH on oct 23rd. Max of 40 cars for the day.



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