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2002 Calenders

Tony G

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Hi Line Motorsports will be taking pictures for our first annual CMC calender for the year 2002 at the November Sears Point races.I already have some great shots but still need some more,so if you have any bring them with you. Make sure your car looks its best and more important make sure you show up.

I will be donating my time and will be paying for all incurred cost ( hey you guys are worth it).I'll be reminding you about this in the next few weeks to come.

Thanks everyone!!

Tony Guaglione

CMC #55

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Hey Tony,


Are you bringing the poster girls for the calendar as well?


I miss running with you guys and if all goes well, will try to have a car put together for next year.


I'll probably come up to Sears and run my monster Stang in the American Iron class, providing I can get it all together by then.


Take care.



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Where have you been ,we have missed you!Excellent,since I will be running my new A/I car also.I already have 5 A/I guys ready to go,should be our best CMC turn out this year. 20 plus cars is my goal.

I will work on the Girls !


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Tony, how about putting the winner of one of the 4 CMC races at Sears on the cover of the calendar...my #48 Firebird has a real pretty paint job and would look great gracing the cover...rp

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I'd like to propose that we put the CMC car who's picture appears on page 16 of the October issue Chevy High Performance.


- Nick

#45 (Hey look, my car's in a magazine!)


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