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Brakes and Rear ends


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Hello all,


I'm new to CMC, bought Jim Davidson's Camaro last January and have been working to get it out to the track. I was at T-Hill in May and broke something in the rear end. After I got it home I found that the posi mech had failed. My question is, at this point is it better to rebuild the posi or just weld the spider gears?


Another thing I noticed while I was out was the travel of my brake pedal. Basically the pedal travels so far that it is impossible to heel and toe, but the car seems to stop fine. The brakes were bled and fluid is new. The car has an '87 T/A rear end w/discs, '88 Z28 HD Brakes and a drum proportioning valve according to the previous owner. I don't know if the master cylinder and booster are from a rear drum or rear disc car. Any suggestions on how to adjust the travel or improve braking would be appreciated.


Thanks and hope to see you out there soon.


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I would not rebuild the posi,as the heat that we generate will just fry the posi again the first weekend out.

Just weld up the spiders and keep your eye on them from time to time. My welded rears last about 2-3 seasons.

As for the brakes,it sounds like you have tried all the usual stuff,and I would have to see you car to really give you a good answer.

Good luck,and call me if you need any help.

Tony Guaglione CMC-A/I #55

916 933-5750

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Hey Chad -


Funny you should mention this. I just went through dealing with proportioning valves and all that fun.


From what I was able to dig up, it sounds like you will need to change the combination valve which sits under the master cyl. I belive they are different for cars with disc vs drum brakes. The P/N that I was able to dig up for '89 cars with disc brakes is: 14089496. Its about $50 from a mailorder dealer.


As for the low brake travel,the only thing that comes to mind is a leaking master cyl, it might be worth it to replace that as well.


Hope you can make it out for Sears in Nov.


- Nick


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Thanks guys.


I'll be at Sears Point on October 27th and 28th for the HPDE. I hope to come out and watch some racing on Nov. 3rd and 4th.


If all goes as planed I'll be racing next season. I'm looking forward ot getting to know all of you.


Thanks again,


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