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That's right...you can have a race winning Camaro picture on a CMC event "T" shirt absolutely FREE!...I'm planning on making up an event "T" shirt for the CMC season finale at Sears Point Nov. 3-4...I'm only planning on 10 large and 10 XL (plus one Women's size for Julie)...so if you want an extra one for a S or M or kid size let me know by November 1 when I'll run them...and, of course, there is a special shirt for Mustang drivers showing a Mustang in front of a Camaro since the only place that can happen at a race weekend is on a shirt...definitely NOT on the track.

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Thanks Richard!!!

I'll take a large size for myself,and I will send you a few pictures of my car...oops,after searching many race weekends, I can't seem to find any pictures with a Camaro in front of me. Maybe I should start slowing down in my superior Mustang to let some of the Camaros actually pass me (it will make you Chevy guys feel good)..at least for a lap or two.


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Each CMC entrant will receive a free T shirt...if you want an extra for your crew or sweetie, let me know by the November 1 and I'll run off a few extras..they're $5 each for the extras...831-333-9036

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