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Sears Point

Tony G

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The November race is just around the corner,so just a reminder to get your entries in early.We are shooting for at least 20 cars,and I will be calling you as usual in the next week or so.

The track should be interesting, since none of us have run the new short track set up.Lets make this our best showing ever!!

Clean your cars up for the pictures that I will be taking !


I will keep in touch.

Tony Guaglione

A/I CMC #55

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I'll be there.


Tony, I've never seen this track before, could you go really really really slow for me on Saturday?


- Nick #45

(Does this mean I actually have to wash it?)

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OK, I will go really slow.. so you can pass me...then I'll blow your Chevy's doors right off.

Yes,please wash your car this time, I actually think you may go faster with less friction from all that dirt on your car.

Thanks for the help with the pdf file on the rules!


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Add another to the list. Team Open Track will be there with the #22 White Lightning to see if anyone brings any AI/AIX sauce to the party. I haven't driven Sears since the reconfiguration and the last time was in a V6 Hertz Mustang in HPDE, so I will probably just have to follow Nick and Tony around for a while until I can crack the secondaries and waive bye-bye.


Nick, give me a ring when you can and we'll put together a convoy like something out of a bad 1970's movie.



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