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Camaro Tire rub and gas cap leak

Evan Ginsberg

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Hi All,

I'm having a problem with front tire rib.

I thought it was the fender liner, so I removed them and "bubba" rolled the fenders, (Framing hammer and 2x4, far from pro, but better then stock)

Anyway, the liners showed a majority of wear and rub at the very top of the wheel well, on the hard metal ridge.

Can I roll that up too?

In the mean time, I added solid link front sway bars, and I think I should dial in some front shock stiffness until I get this solved.

Any Suggestions?

Also, when my tank is full, gas sloshes out of the cap.

I bought a vap specific for the 84 camaro, but it is the same cap i had on there.

Would it be ok to just put a little plastic glad bag over the neck under the cap to keep it from sloshing out?



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I think your car must be sitting to low.Do you have at least 1" from the top of the tire to the fender lip as you look at the car from the side? You should.

Gas caps are vented so I would not use any plastic.Sounds like the wrong gas cap to me.

Call me if you need to talk about the setup for the front end .

Tony Guaglione

916 933-5750

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Evan -


I concur with Tony it sounds like your car is sitting too low.


Dialing in bump stiffness isn't going to help the bottoming that much, not to mention the effectits going to have on corner entry understeer is gonna be bad.


Dunno about the gas tank tho, sorry =/


- N

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