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Your car on TV

Tony G

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That's right,we have the opportunity to have one of our races this year on a major TV network.

The cost for the weekend would go from the usual $299,to about $550.

Your feedback on this is important to me,would you pay to have your car/race on a network?

Tell my why, or why not.

Let me know so I can pass on your comments to the people involved.

Thank you,

Tony Guaglione

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Sure, Tony, it's a great idea..which network? Fox sports? Speed Channel, XERB in Tiajuana with the Wolfman providing commentary...ahhhwoooo....seriously it's worth a few extra bucks just to show at parties...and since the cameras follow the lead cars, everyone can enjoy the sight of my Firebird...of course, I'll keep it slow enough so you can catch up and be in the picture right behind me...RP

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I'm intersted. Another $250 to be on TV sounds like a blast.


Don't worry Richard, they'll get plenty of footage of you as I lap you.



- N


[ This Message was edited by: Nick Steel on 2002-01-02 21:25 ]

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I would agree to this. Let's pick the race well in advance and try to get a huge turnout. Maybe showcase the October race at the new Sears Point with $50 million in renovations.

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