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Help! Forming brakeline flares


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I figure I'll ask you guys as well since I'm sure some of you have done this. Hope you can help!


OK, I'm about to scream with frustration. I can't make a bloody flare if my life depended on it. Any tips? Good tools (the Eastwood company tool I have just let's the line slide out as I try to make the first part of the flare.)???? I went to a buddy's place with a better flare tool (this one put much more clamping force than the POS Eastwood tool), but the tubing just slides out of that one too..





88 PS-1/ITS RX-7

99 Trans Am

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What kind of brake line you trying to flare??

A lot of the time OEM original brake line is made of a very hard steel and is nearly impossible to flare with most tools, it will not flare or try to crack the flare. Where the bulk pieces of replacement brake line you buy at an Auto Parts store is made of softer metal to allow it to flare and bend much easier. Good Luck

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