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Great Event


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Thanks to you all. It was a great weekend. I really enjoyed watching the CMC Guys and Gal interacting between events while the AI/AIX guys were fixing their cars. You folks helped each other and always answered my Rookie questions. Thanks for the Lead/Follow during practice it helped. See you all next month. (Frank you sand bagged me

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Dave and all, it was a blast! Thanks to all for helping me become a better driver. Your encouragement and instruction is always welcome and wanted.


Dave, you are a pleasure to race with as is Frank! Glad to see you two out there! I'm looking forward to this season's battles with you. Next one in April!


A special thanks goes out to Tony this time for working with me individually.


See you all at Buttonwillow next month!

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I have to agree, Thanks Tony for taking the time out of your time to work with me. I think I should thank All the CMC folks everyone have positive advice in trying to help me improve. You folks were well worth the travel time to spend the weekend with. See you in April.

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Thanks for the comments,and we can do more of the same next time! I really enjoy teaching and helping out,so don't be afraid to ask,that's why I'm there.

Julie...next time wait for me..Ha Ha !

Dave, congrats on getting your license!

See you in April ! Maybe with my new SLOW motor installed.


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Sorry I was only able to test on Friday. But my Mother's 80th kinda took precedence.


The car is handling very nicely with a few new suspension settings. Still a bit heavy and breathless with the 36 mm restrictor plate but at least it seems nicely balanced now.


It also was real nice to get on a track I had some experience on. For those of you that didn't make testing it is the value of the year. Probably wasn't 25 cars signed up all day. I don't know how many laps I ran but I went through 20 gallons of gasoline with a stock motor with restrictor plate, so track time wasn't an issue.


What will the April configuration/direction be?



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