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Points update

Tony G

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Buttonwillow highlights coming.

2002 points are as follows.


Campbell 400

Steel 382

Littleton 377

Little 186

Bergman 185

Adams 185

Stowell 184

Pfaff 184

D.Trask 182

Swindle 178

J.Trask 97

Santos 90

Middione 89

Guaglione Big 0...not for long



[ This Message was edited by: Tony G on 2002-03-16 08:42 ]

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I'll be changing that at the April event,and I will also find out what conf. we will be using.

I also have your CMC sticker pkg waiting for you,can I count on seeing you at Buttonwillow next month?


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From the points, It seems that only 6 CMC cars came out to play and Campbell won both of those races. That's an incredible disapointment. I may have to un-ban my bad self and go back and kick Campbell's sorry ass back to the cave where he came from!

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I'm right there with you!! Just one of the reasons I'm back with CMC.

I'm so ready to kick everyones ass(including yours),so de-ban yourself, come on out and lets have fun!

OK...now its time to stick that worn out 5.0 in my car,to make it a slug again.


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OK, Tony and Jeff, I wasn't planning to run any CMC races until Sears Point, but if you two commit to Buttonwillow in April I'll bring the #48 CMC Firebird...does this mean that Don will have to settle for 4th or less? Or will we find he's the new force. Or will Nick come through to thrash everyone?

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I will be there. It was waaaay tooo cool to burn 25 gallons of gas on Buttonwillow on open test day.


My mother is properly inducted into her 80th so I have "yard leave" for all 3 days in April.


What is the direction/config??



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Sounds like the battle is brewing here.

Can't wait to get out there with you all.

Hope you like seeing yellow Mustang tail lights.

I will check on the config with Ryan today.


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