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April 6th/7th List

Tony G

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The following is who I have talked to so far, and has verified they are going to Buttonwillow on April 6th/7th.

If you are not on here and you are going,let me know,and if you are not going email me at [email protected] ,so I can keep track of this.

Register at http://www.nasaproracing.com


The X means you have been registered as of 3/30/02


Guaglione X

Bergman X

Campbell X

D.Trask X


Steel X

Adams X

Kincy X

Little X


Pfaff X


Morin X

Gillespie X

Armstrong X


B.Lee/Breitenbach X

Littleton X

Robinson X


As you can see, there are some new names here (as CMC just keeps growing),so please welcome the new guys at the track on the weekend.

We will have a CMC meeting at my trailer after the Sat morning practice.

Saturday night ,dinner at the Willow Ranch BBQ place.

Need anything...call me at (916) 933-5750,or email me.


Tony Guaglione

CMC # 55

CMC Coordinator








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Looking at the list wish I had a CMC car.

More fun group of people than what I have had in AI so far this year. And yes F-bodies and not just all those Mustangs.

I believe I would even have been 3rd place in CMC points so far this year if my races with ESSE's CMC car in AI would have counted.




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