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Tony G

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The second Race weekend of the 2002 CMC season was run at Buttonwillow on March

2nd and 3rd,under what I call perfect weather.

It would be an understatement to say that the weekend belonged

to Don Campbell in his red #5 Camaro.( I should have never sold that car to him)!


Saturday morning qualifying saw the grid set with Campbell, Littleton and

Steel in the top 3, with Little, Bergman and Adams rounding out the field.

Saturdays clean racing by all the CMC entries was finished in the following order,Campbell in first,Littleton in second,Steel in third,Adams in fourth,Bergman in fifth,and Little taking sixth.


Sunday morning qualifying saw the usual suspects up front,Campbell,

Littleton and Steel,with Little, Bergman , Adams,and Santos rounding out the field.


Sundays race was to be exciting, as the CMC and A/I guys were ready for battle.Nick Steel probably had his third set of brakes in by now,and I have to say, its the first time I have seen a pbr caliper bent out from pedal pressure!! I 'll remember that when he is behind me!


Once again, super clean racing from the CMC group ,and the finishing order was as follows..Campbell,Steel,Little,Bergman,Adams,Littleton,Santos.A mid race spin/contact with a Mazda took out Littleton for the race, and let Steel close in on Campbell.Santos had clutch problems and limped back into the paddock.

I really did miss not running the weekend with the CMC'rs,but I'm back from now on.

We have a huge entry list for our next race at Buttonwillow on April 6th/7th..you don't want to miss this one!!

See you there.


Tony Guaglione

CMC # 55

CMC Chief Director/Coordinator

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