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Tony G

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Buttonwillow was a blast!!I had a ton of fun as usual!

Thanks to everyone who attended,we had 13 CMC cars ready for action.Brian Lee drove all the way from Oregon..thanks Brian!

We also have a great bunch of new people joining the group.

I will have the Race report done by the end of the week with a points update also.

The A/I and CMC group complimented each other quite well,with great driving skills from both classes.


Tony Guaglione

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Most fun racing all weekend was me chasing and finally passing you in the Saturday race ( OK, AI horsepower finally did it). Nice clean racing,I feel more comfortable being a few inches away from your car than a few feet away from most cars out there.

Also thanks to Nick Steel for doing such a great job as co-driver in the night Enduro.

Finally ,really appreciate all you CMC guys who came up and gave us some needed support as we struggled toward the end.

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Thanks,and I agree,I will drive right next to you anytime,your are a gentlemen on and off the track.

How did the enduro end up for you?

I noticed you did not run A/I on sunday.


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Thanks for the kind words.

And for the Enduro, Running 2 1/2 hours with no rear brakes finally caught up with us, losing brakes in turn one, going into esses with no brakes, hitting last "alligator" at about 90mph and banging up wheel. MAJOR vibration. Had to finish race in pit trying to fix.

BUT..We were only CMC/AI car out there fighting with the Beemers and Porsches...

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I had a great time at Buttonwillow. It is always fun to get together with all the CMC racers. I enjoyed seeing the familiar CMC faces as well as all the new faces. Everyone made my first trip to Buttonwillow worth every hour of the long drive. It basically took the long drive home to bring me back down to earth, but I still get stoked thinking about the weekend. I will surely go back soon. Ryan Flaherty, John Lindsey, and NASA hosted a wonderful event!

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