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4th Gen (5.7 liter LT1) rules


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I think we need a bit of rule clarification. the hp/torque rules state clearly that all the cars (except LT1s) run 230 rwhp and 300 ftlbs of torque. The LT1s run up to 250rwhp/300ftlbs. That is clear. There is also a statement that the 5.7 liter cars can run a restrictor plate to get to the 230/300 limit of the other cars. However doing so has no apparent advantage according to the rules.


Section 8.7 lists wts of 3200 lbs for all cars excepting the LT1s which must carry 3500 lbs. Now there is no release from this wt for restrictor plate LT1s. So a 230 rwhp LT1 must still run at 3500 lbs.


I do not believe (as I understand from Don T) this is the intent. I believe the intent is that the cars run 230/300 and race at over 3200 lbs or that they run 250/300 and over 3500 lbs. But since that is not clearly stated in the rules I would like a clarification before I lighten my 3520 lb; 236 rwhp/281 ftlb 4th gen.


Thanks, Perry

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Thanks for catching this.

Your right,we worked on this with the new cars and it is not quite explained here in detail ,so we will clear this up immediatley.

You can run the 4th gen Camaro/Firebird at a minumum of 3200 lbs with driver,but your hp must be at the 230hp and 300 torque max.If you are slightly over you can add weight per hp according to the "over HP and Torque rules" chart.

So go ahead and start throwing things out of your car.


Tony Guaglione

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Thanks, Tony.


I spent the day pulling "stuff" from the car. And there is a lot of "stuff" associated with things like air bags and sensors. I also started cutting wire looms that I suspected to be extra for acc/air bag/abs, etc.


I pulled the Snicko method of cutting til the engine dies and hook that loom back up. And sure enough it died! So I hooked it back up and it started right up!


Unfortunately I noticed I am running off the battery so I gotta run down what I cut that relates to the alternator. ::(((


But by TH I hope to be down to 3400 lbs, w/1/2 tank (pretty much end of race wt.)


Now that I have seen what may come off from the dash and under it, I gotta read the rules and see what I can pull.


Zee ya guys and gals at TH a couple of Fridays from here.


BTW, whoever said they wanna build their own car is a masochist. I now wish I had bought a PryorMobile, or PfaffMobile or LeBlancMobile. Not only would I have saved $4,000 but I wouldn't be bleeding and tired right now!!!



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Thanks, Perry, and I didn't even pay you for the plug...which reminds me...if anyone out there thinking of joining CMC and building a car...listen to Perry and save yourself 50 cents on the dollar and tons of time and buy the #48 Firebird...you can view it at the SCCA Laguna regional this weekend...or buy and drive.

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