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Buttonwillow race report!


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The CMC race weekend number three of the 2002 season was held once again at Buttonwillow raceway but the change to a new configuration proved to be a

handful of new twists and turns for everyone. The technical bus stop section

was replaced by a long fast straight after the famed Taladega sweeper. The

attendance was excellent, with 14 drivers showing up for some fun filled

door to door racing, among those in attendance were rookies Adams, Kincy,

Graves and newcomer Greg Robinson.


Saturdays qualifying showed Campbell, Littleton, Steel, D.Trask, Guaglione,

Ducharme, Lee/Brietenbach, setting times in the 2:01-2:04 range.


Saturday's race saw a three row inversion at the front which put Littleton

on the pole and Guaglione on the outside of the front row. Trask, Steel,

Campbell, Lee, followed closed out the front three rows. The green flag

dropped earlier than expected and Guaglione wasted no time and took the lead

with Steel glued to his back bumper. Despite his best efforts, Steel wasn’t able to put a pass on Guaglione. Campbell had an amazing drive. After recovering from a bad start, he charged through the field to finish in a solid third. The final results were Guaglione taking the checkered with Steel in second,

then hard charging Campbell in third, with Brietenbach closing out the top

four. Littleton, Ducharme, Trask, Adams, Robinson, Bergman, Kincy, Graves

and Stowel rounded out the field.


Sunday qualifying saw the grid set with: Campbell, Littleton, Don Trask,

Steel, Ducharme, Lee, Almieda/Stowell, Kincy, Bergman, Graves and Robinson.


Due to a blown headgasket suffered during Saturday's race, a sidelined

Guaglione was the official flag waver for the start of Sunday's race. Boy

did he have a bird’s eye view of the of the entire race. At the start, it was

Campbell jumping off to the lead with Trask, Littleton and Steel in hot

pursuit. Trask, in his 1995 Camaro, did an excellent job of holding

Littleton and Steel at bay. About halfway into the race, Littleton finally

got around Trask, but that was it for the change in order. The end result

was Campbell taking the flag, with Littleton, Trask, Steel, Ducharme, Lee,

Graves, Kincy, Robinson, Bergman,and Almieda. Bergman made some great passes during the race to come up to a mid field position, but a late spin

unfortunately made her lose ground on some of the guys.


A special thanks to Brian Lee who drove all the way from the Portland Oregon

area to come and race with us! Other items of note, this past weekend was

the first race for Steve Graves and newcomer Greg Robinson! We'll be seeing

more of these guys throughout the year!


Our next race takes us to Thunderhill Raceway on May11/12th. If you have not

been there then you must come and race here, it's a CMC favorite and sure to draw some old familiar faces as well as a few new ones!


The 2002 CMC season points are available at: http://www.camaromustangchallenge.com/points.html


- Nick Steel

- Tony Guaglione

CMC Directors

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A big THANK YOU to all in the CMC family for a great weekend. I received a warm welcome from all and the encouragement was appreciated. I look forward to racing again with all of you soon.


Perhaps I will have more than 185hp/262 next time!


Greg Robinson, #12 Mustang

Byron Mathieu, Crew Chief

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