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Thunderhill update 5/8/02

Tony G

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This is who we have as of today.















Antunes AIX




Gillespie, Running group 4


We have a great schedule for those of you who want to go home early on Sunday.

Our race will be at 1:15 both days.

Practice at 8:00 am,Qualify at 10:25.

Some changes (minor) will be discussed at our Sat meeting.

Bring a good 9v battery for you DB Com transmitter.

Also bring a fast car if you want to beat me.

See you there!

Tony Guaglione

CMC Coordinator

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THANKS...now I know how much you did for the last few years.Wish you were still here with us.

Nick Steel has really been my "great" right hand man in all this.

We just keep getting bigger with lots of new guys joining the CMC club.

I'll keep in touch,and let me know when baby # 2 arrives!!

All the best,



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Sounds like a great lineup for the weekend.

Unfortunately will not be there in AI or CMC trim. But I love Thunderhill and wish I could be there.. Those darn family commitments keeping us away..-Plus getting the 'Bird ready for SCCA Superschool at BW in end of May for my dear wife Erin to get her license so we can build her a CMC car for next year ( she wants another Porsche...No way)

And Nick get your SCCA credentials in order.

SCCA 6-hr Enduro in end of July at BW..

You , me , Erin and ESSE...TEAM CMC--And lets have more than two wheel brakes this time....

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July sounds doable. What date is it? I've been meaning to get my SCCA license, so maybe this will motivate me to go.


4 wheel brakes would be MUCH better than 2


- N

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The #48 Firebird was sold to Pat Stone. Pat owns South Valley Trailers in Hollister and if any CMC'ers need a new trailer, he'll cut you a hell of a deal. Pat's planning on Thunderhill this weekend so stop by and welcome him to the group. Still two cars for sale...check out the ad section.

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I will be at Thunderhill on Friday to set up space for our big group. The paddock will be packed because there are five race groups. If you arrive late Friday evening or early Saturday morning, look for a section marked by yellow tape near my car.

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Thanks Don!

Nick,Frank,Mike,and a bunch of others will be there on friday too!

I will be there Sat. early morning so save me a spot!

Damn, you guys already have the advantage before I even show up..


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I'd appreciate it if you can save me a spot as well. I'd like to pit next to the group.


I hope to arrive Friday, late afternoon.





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