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Thunderhill weekend

Tony G

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We will have the race report and points update by the weeks end..I promise.

I would like to thank everyone who attended,it was really great to see CMC growing in so many ways.We have a great set of newbies and the strength of the veterans, which is a perfect combination.



Tony Guaglione

CMC Director


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Tony you really missed the big event on Sunday. I know its a lot to ask, but after the big meeting I tried to get my lap times during the race from scoring and timing but because they were still fixing the who came in what position I could not find out. Could you email me my lap times for the race only. It was a really fun race with the CMC folks. The veterans let us newbies up front for some whipping lessons. I had a great time and look forward to our next event.

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No problem,I'll get them to you asap!

Inverting the race field is always a blast,and a teaching session too!


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Hey Dave -


Glad I could help out with the lead and follow. Sorry about earlier on, I was so focused on a working on a couple of things, I kinda looked up and went "Huh? Where'd he go?". Glad you enjoyed the air show too


- Nick

Pilot of #45 Camaro

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Just wanted to let everyone know I had a good experience even though it ended much, much to early. What a great group, everyone was exceptionally helpful and friendly. Now if I can just get that car back together before Willow Springs...



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