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Testing at Buttonwillow this Friday, June 7

Don Campbell

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I will be at Buttonwillow testing this Friday. There will be two to three other CMC people there also. Half day testing from 1:00 to 5:00 is only $100, no test card required. Unfortunately, Willow Springs requires a test card and has no half day rates. Thus, the test day at Willow Springs is $225. Hmm, which is the better deal? Buttonwillow is the only track that allows passengers on test days. If any of you new CMC drivers are around, I will be able to do lead/follows and take passengers as well as be a passenger in your car. I have a passenger seat for any Camaro. Sorry Ford people but bring your own passenger seat if you want to give rides. I will be at Willow Springs about 8:00 Friday night to help mark off space for our group. Look for my car and a yellow taped off area if you are arriving Saturday morning.



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Hi Don,


We will be at Willow around noon on Friday and will try to set aside an area for CMC. Nick mentioned turn 1 area. I was thinking of something level if we could. Let me know if that sounds good to you.




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