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Vegas under the lights

B. Lee

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I'm giving it some thought as well. It is the weekend after our race at T-hill so provided I haven't broken anything else on the car (like the car) I'd be up for it. I hear that Don Campbell was considering it as well.


Its not a points weekend, but it sure sounds like a heck of a lot of fun to go out and just have fun.


- Nick

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I still have "not so fond" memories of spending the day driving around Vegas with no water pump trying to buy all the belts in town that would fit a power steering pulleyless 98 FBod after Vegas98! (Power Steering Pump had gotten hot and melted off the pulley's shaft after 5 hot laps!)


And than driving very carefully home hoping not to throw more belts than I could find in Vegas (14).


And than to find out I had to be "Good Samaritan" to Alan Blaine who had lost a T56 just north of Buttonwillow on the drive home himself. So we backtracked to Bakersfield to get him a truck and trailer rented.


It sure is easier racing with a truck and trailer!!!


BTW, Anyone need 12 perfectly good belts that fit a 7.4 Liter GM diesel?




Heck, it really was fun. With luck I may try it again.

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Well, if you think it might be too hot in Vegas, how about a non-points race in Portland? If there is significant interest, I may be able to work something out with the race committee for the August 10-11 or September 28-29 event at Portland International Raceway.

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