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Carb Rules and jets

Tony G

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Several people have claimed that the stock jet size does not work on their carb cars.

There cannot be a mid year rule change on this subject and please attend our year end rules meeting to discuss this and any other changes that you would like to see.

In fairness for everyone,


Tony Guaglione

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Can't wait for the next CMC dinner so we can discuss jet changes and such. Out of the box the Holley dynoed a best 213hp 258ft-lbs, 12 deg. Previous figures with the Q-Jet were 230hp 267ft-lbs, 12 deg. That's with a fresh motor (built late last year). Car is running too rich at 3% CO on the smog machine sniffer. Ran cleaner with the Q-Jet. I'm told smaller jets will help.

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