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Updated 2002 rules . . . .


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I've just published an updated set of CMC rules. They are available at

http://www.camaromustangchallenge.com/docs/2002cmcrules.doc in MS-Word format and http://www.camaromustangchallenge.com/docs/2002cmcrules.html in HTML format. I'll get a PDF version up shortly.


Here's a brief summary of the changes:


8.32.11 - Allow cars with 9" and 12bolt rear ends already installed to be grandfathered in.


8.32.2 - clarify differential wording to reflect original intention.


8.36.41 through - Allow late model GM cars to use front coilover springs without adjusting corner-weights.


8.7 - Correct an omission in the original 2002 rules. Late model GM cars can either weigh 3500lbs or run a restrictor plate at 230rwhp / 300ftlbs at 3200lbs.


These rules will be in effect for the Thunderhill event this coming weekend. I will bring hardcopies to the track this weekend. See either Tony or Nick for them.


On a side note - I apologize for the lateness of these rule changes, I've been swamped the last few weeks and Ive been lagging on getting these changes published.


- CMC Directors

Tony Guaglione

Don Trask

Jeff Trask

Ben Pfaff

Nick Steel

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