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Thunderhill mini report

Tony G

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The highlights:

18 entries,the best so far this year.We are the largest race group out there!!

Thanks for your support!


D.Trask- very consistent

Steel-fast,with a new turbo city sponsor

Pfaff-Got his car destroyed ,not his fault

Stowell-Destroyed Pfaff's car,yup his fault

Campbell-Bad trans but still kicked ass

Littleton-fast and consistent too

Ducharme-up front and laid low

Donahoe-Also up front,watch out for him in your mirror

Morin-gets his first win!great job!

Guaglione-3 weekends, 3 motors (still had a ton of fun)

Adams-had the ultimate race looking at his first win and spun!!

Plum-getting used to us,and getting faster

Santos-Kept the A/C on in his Motor home ..smart guy

Kincy-damn fast car

Bergman-The usual perfect lady that she is!Needs a alignment.

Bruketa-Time to get a new car..sorry

Little-Breaking in his new car/motor,but will be fast!

Bullock-brand new CMC'r,and did great..Welcome!


OK time to pull my motor....



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Thanks everyone for the good time! I hope everyone can make it out to the next T-Hill! I'll be there.....with a *different* alignment and four sticky tires!

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