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Remember this for the next event

Tony G

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Thought I better remind everyone since there has been some discussion on the "can I" and "what if I do this to my car" subject.

The only modifications that are allowed, are in the rules,so if its not stated that you can,...then you can't.

Remember this when you go to the impound.



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OK, let me get this straight...we can update and backdate from different model years, so the 427 L-88 from a '69 Camaro is legal in my 1991?

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What do you mean you're kidding? I've already got this sucker stuffed in the #36 Camaro and am just hooking up the 700 hp nitrous system (which is legal under the J.C. Whitney option ruling). See you all at the Sears Point races in Oct and Nov.

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