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Thundehill Race Report June 2002

Tony G

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Thunderhill CMC race report June 2002


Race weekend number six brought the CMC racers back to Thunderhill for another fun filled weekend.

Attendance was at a all time high with 18 cars griding for the first race. Saturdays qualifying saw Campbell,BAF Racing,Pfaff,and Guaglione up front.Two races were scheduled for Saturday,and the first race proved to be the one of unexpected things to happen. After qualifying,Guaglione found a knock in his engine and had to retire for the weekend,but wait ,here is the good news,no less then three CMC drivers offered their cars to him to drive in the first race..(CMC never seems to stop amazing me).New comer Alex Gillespie gave Guaglione his brand new Mustang to take out and race..now that's a trusting/grateful guy!! With Campbell ,Team BAF,Pfaff,Littleton and Steel up front the first race (Guaglione goes to the back per the rules), the green flag dropped ,and 18 cars went into turn one,mostly four wide!Then it happened on the first lap ,team BAF got a little loose on turn eight and lost it,came across the track and took out Pfaff with some major damage to both cars which put both of them out.

The rest of the race was clean and close and the finishing results were with Campbell crossing the finish line first followed by Littleton, Steel, Trask, Ducharme, Donahoe, Morin Guaglione, Adams, Plum, Santos

Kincy, Bergman, Burketa, Little, BAF, Pfaff.

Race two of the weekend saw the typical CMC inversion of race #1 results.

This put ,Bergman,Kincy,Santos,Plum,and Adams upfront. The new guys were up for quite the challenge of starting up front with the veterans breathing down their necks. Dave Adams had the ultimate start and ran in the front,but had hard charging Morin,Trask,Team BAF,Donahoe,and Ducharme closing in.

Adams took the white flag and was counting the seconds on his last lap to victory as he could just taste the checkered flag, but he got so damn excited that he went off in one of the last turns and watched his for sure victory disappear in the dust (don't worry Dave we've all been there)!

Finishing results were Morin,Trask,BAF,Donahoe,Ducharme,Steel,Littleton.Bergman,Santos,Burketa,

Kincy,Pfaff,Plum,and last but not least Adams.

Race # 3 for the weekend was on Sunday.

Qualifying saw Campbell,Morin,Littleton,Steel,BAF,and Trask up front. The green flag was thrown and 15 cars where still there to race.This was the clean race of the weekend with no incidents on the track and finishing positions were as follows.

Campbell taking first followed by Littleton ,Steel,Trask,Morin,Donahoe,Ducharme,BAF,Adams,Santos,Plum,Bergman,Bullock,Little,Burketa.

Tim Bullock received his race license and he ran really well in his first race,welcome Tim!

Ok,so you think the weekend is over,but not quite yet. Sundays after race impound found some infractions on the cars and this put Campbell,Steel,and Morin with a TWO race DQ ( see rule #7.3) for having parts that are in the non compliance category.


The next race is at Thunderhill once again on August 3rd and 4th,so register now if you haven't already.


Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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