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Tony G

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Yup,its just around the corner !!

The date is October 12/13th.

I want to make this the best CMC showing ever( so this means its a must show),and I am expecting 23-25 CMC cars with A/I AIX adding another 15 for a field of 40 cars.

Testing the friday before is expensive,so I have a block of time set for Tuesday Oct 1st to test for a few hours at lunchtime.

Anyone interested,let me know.Cost will be around $100.



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Looks like us AI/AIX racers will have to wait until November to run with CMC again. We are scheduled to race at Buttonwillow Oct 12-13 so unfortunately a scheduling conflict. Hope AI and CMC will coordinate their schedules so we can have our own run group in 2003.

Per #88AI (and sometimes #81CMC)

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Since I have not done the full track there I am hoping I can do some reading on the full config we are using and see some video. Does anyone have any links they can give me?


Also, are we using the ALMS config?

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The full track configuration is the same as it has always been. I ran there last month and the only difference is turn 1 (a little narrower but still flat out) and the visual references in the esses. The new facililties and seating are awesome, probably the best in the country. They even have a real restaurant and a five story grandstand with an elevator! For a track map: http://www.infineonraceway.com/pages/images/maps/generalfacility_map.jpg


See you at the track,



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I was there today and found the track to be as Don said..really nice!!.

They have done a great job,and after a couple of 1:54 laps I'm sure we are all going to be super fast.

I'll have a list out shortly

See you on the 12/13th.


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