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Tony G

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Race Report for October 12/13th.

This was the best turn out all year, as CMC continues it's

explosive growth as 22 cars were at the grid for some

exciting racing ahead.


Saturday:Race# 1

I have to say that starting in the very back for race one

( my timer didnt work in qualifying...ok excuses) which

was probably the best thing my eyes could have seen

as we rounded turn eleven because I got a chance to

witness what 20 plus CMC cars looked like..man that's

a long trail of cars that I'm going to have to pass!!

The green flag dropped and the CMC battle started,as

we went into turn two, we were four wide! This continued

for several laps and how none of us ever touched just

adds up to some really great driving skills on everyones


After 10 laps Littleton won by less than 3 inches over

second place Campbell.Then it was Team

BAF,Trask,Guaglione,Steel,Ducharme,Plum,Stone,Santos Robinson,Kincy,Bullock,Morin,Pfaff,and just licensed

Scott Gregory( who said afterward ("man that was a humbling experience")! Then some Super CMC entries came in with Wilson,Pryor,and Bracewell.


Race # 2 saw the standard CMC inversion, fast to the back,

slow to the front.

It was the usual massive passing attempts type of race,

but the pack was close and tight,again no incidents,just

good clean racing.

The results were Ducharme taking the winners flag with

hard charging Steel,and Guaglione doing the cat and mouse

chase the entire race..I'm talking less than an inch at 125mph.

Then came Team BAF, and a great race for Kincy,Santos,Bullock,Plum,Campbell,Stone,Robinson,Pfaff,


Super CMC saw Wilson,Pryor,and Bracewell.


Sunday:Race # 3

Qualifying saw Campbell,Littleton,BAF,and Guaglione at

the top.

Once again another clean race with the typical CMC

passing and super close racing.

The mid pack guys are getting so much faster, as the

entire group had a spread of only six seconds in times,

which leads to our close finishes.

Results were :Campbell,Littleton,Guaglione,Trask,



Gregory,and Team BAF who retired early with head

gasket problems..(probably just to damn much compression)!

Super CMC saw Wilson,Bracewell.


Race # 4

Back to the inversion..my favorite part.

The green flag dropped and Gregory, who was out

front was waiting for the massive CMC attack to come,

but he did a great job driving and kept the lead for

several laps!

Everyone did a great job and the entire weekend saw

nothing but super clean,very tight racing, which is what

CMC is all about.

After 10 laps the results were Ducharme taking his

second win of the weekend, and Guaglione charging

hard to take second over Steel who came in third.We

then saw Littleton,Campbell,Trask,Kincy,Robinson,Pfaff,


Bullock,and Gregory.


Missing regular CMC patrons were Little,Bergman,

Adams,and Donahoe who did a great job helping

out Stowell in tech..thanks Mike.

A special thanks to Sam Stowell and team BAF/crew

for doing a fine job in the tech dept!

Also, we had a showing from CMC veteran Neil

Breitenbach who was looking in to see how CMC was

doing,and Brian Lee flew down from Portland to also

watch as his car is under repair.I could see both of

them thinking...if I only had a car here to race..

We all hope they join us soon.

Several new cars are being prepped and some new

faces will be appearing soon.I can see 20-25 cars being

the normal grid.

Our Next and final race of the year is on November 9/10

at Sears again,and you don't want to miss this one, as

the final points winner will decided and we will also be

having a BBQ at the track for all CMC racers!



Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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