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GOTO:Racing looking for funded drivers to run ES WRX

Brian L.

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GOTO:Racing has put together a budget to run a competitive ES car for the 2005 25 Hours of Thunderhill. We are looking for three funded drivers for the event. Because of the timeframe, we need commitments by the end of the week, or very soon there after. Here is a list of how the car will be prepared...


Engine - 2.8 Liter Crawford = Lots of horsepower


Drivetrain - The entire drivetrain will be swapped out for 05 STi components for durability.


32 Gallon fuel cell with a duel dry brake system and fuel tower


Car will weigh aprox. 2800 w/driver


We are running to be competitive (not just to finish) so the budget relfects that, the price is $13,000 per driver for roughly 5 hours of seat time in the 25. This price includes a test day for all the drivers at Thunderhill prior to the event, and the test day the day before the event. All food is included.


Personal sponsors will get space on the car!


Please PM, email, or call ASAP if interested and further details can be given.


-Brian Lock

[email protected]



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