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While watching the excellent coverage of the SCCA Runoffs on SpeedTV I remembered several years ago that NASA had coverage of their early races on a local cable channel....so what would it take to put together a TV package for CMC races? Anyone out there with media knowledge in this line? I believe that the addition of TV coverage of the CMC races would be a great addition to the prestige of the series as well as help grow the number of entrants. It's much easier justifying sponsorship money for a CMC car when you can sell it as advertising with one component exposure for the series on TV. I checked into the situation locally and the cable provider will sell space for preproduced programs. I imagine it's the same in your neck of the woods. What was interesting is that several local groups avail themselves of the TV time by selling advertising and actually make enough profit to pay for their production of their shows. Is this something worth pursuing to help grow CMC and help racers obtain some sponsorship funds? Wouldn't NASA be interested in promoting their series in Northern California? ...oh, well, just a few idle minutes rambling...but it might be workable...anyone out there with experience in this?...Richard Pryor

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