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2003 Rules are up!


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I apologize for the delay in getting these out to everyone, I know you've all been calling Tony night and day looking for the rules.


They are available in the info section of the website at http://www.camaromustangchallenge.com/info.html - I have posted MS Word and HTML versions. I expect to be adding them in Adobe PDF format in the next couple of days.


Here's a quick rundown of the major changes:


1. Require master electrical cut off switch.

2. Added fuel pressure readings to the dyno sheet

3. Added carb jet sizes to the dynosheet

3. Allow use of OEM replacement fenders

4. Require Windshield clips

5. Moved mustang base weight to 3125 and late model GM weight to 3300

6. Allow removal of unused interior brackets

7. Added NACA duct for driver cooling

8. Maximum of one fuel pump.

9. Carb jet sizes may be changed for tuning purposes

8. Allow late model GM cars to elongate lower control arm mounts for purposes of gaining camber.

9. Added award weights


The major change this year is with the weights and I want to take a couple of min to address that here:


The weight minimum of the late model GM cars was moved up to 3300lbs. We felt that this car's better front suspension geometry, better mid range torque curve and slightly larger front brakes warranted the increased weight.


The minimum weight for Mustangs was lowered to 3125. After a rather long and protracted discussion it was decided that enforcing a camber limitation on the GM cars was impractical due to huge inconsitencies in in camber readings that resulted in the camber rule being done away with last year. We felt that taking 75lbs out of the Mustangs would be an easilly enforceable compromise.


The Awards Weight is new for 2003. Since we have made significant changes in the minimum weights, we felt that adding the awards weights would serve as a safety valve to help keep things even should the weight changes lend favor to any one car type. We will have lead weight in 25lbs chunks available at impound / scrutineering for competitors that need it, please be sure to return the weight back after you are done with it.


On a final note, the CMC directors will be meeting after the 3rd event of the year to review the effectiveness of the weight rule changes and if need be adjustments to the minimum weights and award weights will be made for the 4th race weekend.


Any questions / comments?


- Nick

#45 - Camaro

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Is there a preferred location and type of electrical cut-off?


The weight difference sounds good to me. Of course, that's mostly because I drive a Mustang! Still, I think it is a good idea to re-evaluate after a few events. Award weights should keep the racing up front closer and help keep the pack together.


Thanks for all your hard work on a great rules package.

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The CCR says that it has to be clearly marked and easilly accessible from the outside (Sectoin 15.


It doesn't have to be within reach of the driver but IMHO its nice. I have mine mounted on the outside edge of the A-pillar of the roll cage.




- Nick

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I've always followed Nick's placement and put the kill switch within reach of the driver...if for some reason you need to shut off the power you will not be able to reach across the cockpit to the passenger side if you are strapped in...and in the event of an emergency situation requiring corner workers it makes sense to have the kill switch on the driver's side as that is the first location they will be in an emergency....and you don't want them then having to take the time to go to the other side of the car for the kill switch....and besides, it's easier to hide he nitrous oxide switch in combination with the kill switch and so you need it within the driver's reach.

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I noticed in the HTML version the cut-off section and fuel pressure section have been completely crossed out and the heading for carb tuning has been crossed out. However this is not true for the MS Word document. Is there a reason those have been crossed out? I'm a bit confused.


Was there a decision on jet changes (to fix a lean/rich condition) at the track without redynoing? I remember that being up in the air.




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Eric, as the rules read now, if I have read them correctly, is that you need to do a whole new dyno to run different jets. Your jets must match what jets are recorded on your dyno sheet.


I am hoping jetting is not going to be a big problem at Reno, however, we'll have to see. Possibly we carb folks could get some kind of exception for that track if it is a problem. After all, CMC is a low budget series, a dyno for a weekend at one track seems excessive. My idea was that possibly a couple carbed cars could establish a range for what jets can be used up there and then that could be the rule for that track only, saving the rest of the carbed folks the $ on individual dynos.

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Eric -

THanks for pointing the HTML problem out. I keep forgetting to chagne it. I'll update it in the next rev of the rules going out in a few minutes.

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