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Driver Profiles wanted


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Folks -


I'm going to be working on updating and adding driver profiles in the driver's profile section, http://www.camaromustangchallenge.com/drivers.html.


For those of you who do not have a profile up yet, please forward me your profile info, I need the following info:






Car model and number


Best Finish:

Experience: (rookie, veteran, etc.etc)

Website: (if you have one)




If you've got a picture you'd like to use, feel free to include that in your email. If you don't have a picture yet, don't worry, I can add your profile now and we can get a picture of your car at one of the events.


Thanks everyone!


- Nick

Camaro #45 <- Still in pieces

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I am bringing my Digital Camera to Ca Speedway to take pictures of all of your cars for the profiles list..in case you don't have a picture up yet.


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I'll make a point of bringing mine as well. Three people sent me their profile info, thanks guys!


DOn't let not having a picture stop you from sending your info in. I'll setup a profile for you and we can add the picture in later if you want.


- Nick

Camaro #45 ( It had better be painted green by now!)

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Can you print an email address for us to send you profiles for those of us behind a firewall who can't just reply? I have the profile and picture for one of the drivers. Thanks!



Race Groupie

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Driver Profile section has been slightly revamped. Send me your info if its missing...otherwise I'll just make it up

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