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Important Announcement about Transponders for '03


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Folks -


NASA is going to be switching over to the red AMB transponders in '03 and they are offering a trade in program for our existing DBComm transponders.


For NorCal region, the change will not affect us until our April event, when it will be mandatory to own your own AMB transponder.


The SoCal region has been using the red AMB transponders for the last couple of years and like they have in the past, they will be available for rent at the track. I also understand that they will be available for purchase as well. Obviously, it makes sense to buy one for March vs wasting the $35 rental fee.


I've attached the NASA announcement below which has all the details:



DBcom Trade In Program


NASA will be switching to the AMB Timing system throughout the 2003 season. This will not happen all at once and will be a managed process, which will take most of the year to complete. Individual race classes will be selected to switch over all at once and a schedule will be published when that will happen. Once “your group†is called, each racer will be required to have an AMB unit in order to get scored.


AMB has quickly become the standard for race timing and NASA feels it needs to follow that path to make sure we can accommodate the racing community and provide a standard platform. Many dBCom transmitters were given to racers and told the cost was a “depositâ€. Since we are making a significant investment to switch to another system NASA will not be able to give the full face value of dBcom units. Please understand that improvements such as this are for the benefit of our racers yet are extremely expensive. NASA has done our best to make it cost effective and take on the most financial burden. As such the following program will be offered.


Trade In

You will purchase an AMB for the listed below plus sales tax. NASA will give you $150.00 in credit toward the trade in for an AMB unit. Therefore you will pay NASA the appropriate amount, return a working dBcom transmitter and be issued a brand new AMB unit. Note: NASA does not recommend purchasing a rechargeable unit because they must be charged before each event and many people forget. This unit does not take regular batteries and needs a 24-hour charge to last the weekend.


AMB Hardwired- $300.00

CA Tax- $24.75

dBcom Trade in- <$150.00>

Total $174.75



AMB Rechargeable - $332.00

CA Tax- $27.39

dBcom Trade in- <$150.00>

Total $209.39



Event Credit

Racers that already own an AMB TranX260 may trade in their working dBcom transmitter for $150.00 credit towards a NASA Nor Cal event. Please contact Dave Ho at [email protected] to make arrangements.


Group Schedule

All groups will be required to have the AMB transponder for the event that is listed below. You may only pick up your transponder at the track. Registration will be open Friday afternoon and early Saturday. Please arrive early to obtain your transponder. Give yourself 20 minutes to install the AMB Transponder on your car.


Feb 8/9- NABR, All Enduro Classes

Feb 22/23- SM, Legends, Baby Grand, Sports Racers, GTI

April 5/6- FFR, Pro Sedan, SU, AI, CMC, PRC, Honda Challenge, ASC, NUTS, UTCC, and anything else!

May- All groups will be scored with AMB

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For those that dont own a transponder, wouldnt it make more sense to buy it from MLB directly? Their site says they'll ship the hard wired transponer for $269 including shipping. Is there a good reason why not to go this route?

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This is for all of us that do not own a AMB transponder and want the credit for our DB.COM.

You can buy your AMB anywhere you want as I did before this trade in program was available.


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Hmmm, Larisse was not letting us buy the AMBs at the last NASA event HPDE at Sears. She said you could not buy them until your group came up (we are up at T-Hill). She did let Mike Plum buy one because he is missing that event where we are supposed to do our trade-in (T-Hill).

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That may be the case for NorCal, but SoCal is using AMB for all classes already. If you want, you can rent one for $35 at the event, but that kinda defeats the purpose. Ryan has said they will be avail at the track.

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