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Calif Speedway March 7/8/9

Tony G

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Just an update on some stuff.

Please make sure you are registered by now.

Many of us will be coming to Fontana with new engines,new cars,new drivers,and new whatever.

We will be running with A/I and AIX ,which puts all of us in our own race group.This is the way the entire year will be,as these three classes work very well together.

This will be a good weekend to go over the safety issues and some of the new rule changes that we have for 2003.

We can do your annual at the track if you have not had it completed yet,and don't forget your Dyno for this year.

Friday is a test day for anyone who is interested,cost is $199 for the day.

The banking is quite a bit more than most of you can imagine,so this will be a treat for all of us.

There is a huge car show,booths,vendors,and lots of expected spectators,so get your cars looking thier best!

Lets put on a CMC show for everyone to remember!

Need anything?? email me,or call me.


Tony Guaglione

CMC Director

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I hope to see many of you at Fontana. The drive for some is long but I think you will find it is worth it(I make the drive to NorCal from San Diego!). California Speedway is truly top notch and the chance to run the ALMS configuration should not be missed. This should be the fastest track we run all season!


Greg Robinson

#12 Mustang

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In the absence of a Host Hotel, Dave Morin and I have just booked the only Fontana located hotel on the Cal Speedway web site.


The Amerisuite or some such on Baseline in Fontana at 800-434-5800 for a AAA rate of $80 and change a nite. It is listed on the accommodations portion of the website.



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One more thing,please do your absolute best to all park together as a group.I will rope off an area as usual,so look for it.

CMC should always appear as it truly is..one uniform group of fun racers.


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Tony G,


My brother lives in Placerville and has a dental practice in El Dorado Hills. Jared Ruminson, you should check him out if you need a dentist....


Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here works as an instructor for HPDE? What kind of benefits do they give you?

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One more thing...how late can you go back into the track? I mean, the people that camp out there...do they lock the gates, are they unlocked all night? What if you want to split to get some food etc, how late can you get back in?

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