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Which car is most competitive??? Plus Newbie Q's


Which car will be fastest in 03?  

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  1. 1. Which car will be fastest in 03?

    • Late model Camaro
    • Early model Camaro
    • Late Model Mustang
    • Early Model Mustang

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I was wondering which car will be most competitive for 03? I have a 94 z28 street car just sitting around collecting dust, and was thinking of turning it into a cmc car. It seems like there are not many late model z28s running now. Why is this? Are they competitive? In rough terms about how much will it be to turn a stock car into a cmc car if I try and do most of the work except welding and major stuff.

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I vote for the third gen F-body, Pontiac option (more aero). We know more about the third gens - they are well sorted as compared to the newer fourth gens. As the fourth gens get sorted it may be a different story, however, it will take some time.

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if you want to go racing NOW...then buy and install:


window net - $75

roll bar, autopower boltin - $750

padding - $40

kill switch and wiring - $100

battery hold down - $20

driveshaft hoop - $50

seat belts - $75

fire extinguisher - $30

toyo tires - $800

decals and numbers - $50

window clips - $25

take out the interior, etc - free

Hawk HT 10 brake pads front and rear - $250

alignment - $50

misc. fluids and oil - $50


that's absolutely all you need to get on track...the rest you can add as you have time and $$$...for a total of one weekend and $2265 you can be on the track and having the time of your life...do not hesitate...all this can be done with hand tools and a drill....12 hours will do it from start to finish.....if you're serious about racing this is as cheap and as quick in time as you can do it....have fun

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The late model camaro is very competitive,and there are more coming.

This series is a drivers series..anyone can win with anything, thats the beauty of it all.



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Do you think the late model camaro @ 250 hp + 3585 is equal to the same car @ 230hp +3300lbs? Will I notice much worse tire/brake wear with the heavier setup? Is it hard to get a late model camaro down to 3300lbs? I would kind of like it to be a street car also, if possible.

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And I have a bolt-in 4th gen alloy AutoPower bar in the garage that I will sell for considerable less than the $750 listed.



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Now that Tony has switched back to the good team, the junker Chevies don't stand a chance on the West coast!


As for the OH/IN series my vote is still for the Late model Mustang, as I happen to drive one!!

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jrummi...all other things being equal (which they arent) then weight/horsepower ratio is the name of the game. I have a 93 Camaro that weighs in at 3400lbs with a 200lb driver. There's probably another 30 lbs that could come off the car (and another 30lbs that could come off the driver) without going to extremes. I don't think this matters that much, since driving makes up for a lot more. I just started and my first time out, even with a car that won races last year, I was in danger of being passed by 1st generation rx-7s! Just put one together and have fun!! I wouldn't recommend a street legal race car though...too many compromises need to happen in order to do both.

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