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CMC Texas Style!


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Glad to see Nick & Tony providing a place where "non" and "ex" West Coasters can chat about CMC!


Heck, If Tim LaPlante (fellow ex-West Coast CMC racer) can get the Indianapolis CMC group going, I'll certainly do my best to get the Texas area going!!!


I've still got my car and I'm really itching to return to the track! If anyone in the Texas/Louisiana area wants to head out to the track drop me a line.


-=- Todd Covini

Texas CMC Coordinator

#52 CMC Mustang ("The Lone Star Convertible!)

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Hey Todd - I was wondering if you were still around!!


Good luck getting the series going down there - I'm out hitting the pavement, trying to dig up some interest.


My new car is not quite ready - I finally have an appt. to get the cage built!


check out www.racenasa.com - I did a little flyer that you are more than welcome to "borrow" - you can cut & paste everything into a word document.

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Todd, will you be at the 22-23 March 2003 NASA event held @ MSR? I plan to be there to spectate, and hopefully catch a few rides ( not being able to OT my current car is killing me! ).


If you do go, let me know, as I'd like to meet up.

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From theracesite.com...


Vette - Viper Challenge

NASA Texas is hosting the Vette-Viper Challenge - VVC - at its next event---March 22-23, 2003 at Motorsport Ranch near Fort Worth, Texas. Have a Vette or Viper, we have a home for you. Contact us to find out more.

NASA Texas 281-485-5085, 281-802-9863, [email protected]

Jay and Shannon Matus

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From theracesite.com...


Get Registered for March 22-23 in Texas

Hi All,

We are getting ready for the upcoming event at MSR on March 22-23, 2003. Here is the scoop...please, please submit your entries by the 15th (will accept after that, but it adds alot of stress to me personally:-)

Please share this e-mail with everybody you know.

Forward to all the e-mail groups of which you might be a member.

Paste on message boards too.

Your assistance is appreciated.


Everybody is invited to the NASA TEXAS COMMITTED TO THE SPORT EVENT.

March 22-23, 2003 at Motorsport Ranch - www.motorsportranch.com


This event is dedicated to all of the officials, drivers, crews and fans that participated in the February Event.

They are committed! They braved the snow, rain and temperatures that varied between below freezing to in the low 50's.

Thank you for your support.



Entry forms found at www.nasatx.com

NASA Texas makes it easy for you by accepting entries via fax and accepting credit cards and pay-pal.

Plus, we accept them the old-fashion way, the good old mail.

Please submit your entries no later than March 15, 2002.

We have never assessed any type of late fees and we will continue to accept entries after the 15th and at the track.

The reason we want the entries by the 15th is just out of simple courtesy to us that are doing all the planning and organization.

Ladies and gentlemen --- We love putting on these events and being a contributor to the sport. But, the stress from receiving the majority of entries the week of the event and all most half of them at the track is quite overwhelming.

So, please out of courtesy, have your entries to me no later than March 15, 2002.


Note to DE (Driver Education) type drivers. We have a place for you.

Our Race Craft program is designed for the street car drivers that typically participate in DE style events. The reason it is called Race Craft is because the class room curriculum is focused on the sport of racing. Your track sessions are much longer then that of a typical DE and they are more focused on helping you to improve your skills. If you want lots of track time and really desire a focused program, then NASA TEXAS has a home for you.

Note: participation in this group counts toward you being eligible to receive a competition license.

The group is limited to the first 25 entries. Get them in now!!

Learn more: http://www.nasatx.com/html/drivers_education.html or call Shannon 281-802-9863



This one is self explanatory . If you want to move towards getting your competition license and you have not held a recent competition license with any other organization, then this is the program for you. To find out more go to:

http://www.nasatx.com/html/drivers_education.html or call Shannon 281-802-9863

The group is limited to the first 25 entries. Get them in now!!



If you have a race prepared vehicle and a competition license, then we have a home for you. We have groups for both open wheel and closed wheel race cars. FORMULA MAZDA'S, LEGENDS, BABY GRANDS, SPEC MIATAS, SPEC RX7's, VIPER VETTE CHALLENGE, AMERICAN IRON, LOTUS/SUPER 7 STYLE CARS, IT STYLE CARS, COMPACT CARS and more........

If you want to race, we have the place for you.





Details to follow in another e-mail. But, here is a summary.

Friday Evening:

Come to the track to get checked in, drop of your car and visit with your fellow drivers.

8:30 PM ---- Race Craft and Competition License Orientation


First track session will be at 9AM. We will end at 5PM.

Students will need to be available for their on-track drive through and walk through at 8AM.

5:30 PM some food and drink for everybody


First track session will be at 8AM. We will end at 4PM.



Call Shannon: 281-802-9863, 281-485-5085


Have a great day...... Please get those entries submitted.


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