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Announcing the 2002 ROOKIE of the year!!

Tony G

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Every year CMC has several rookies joining the scene.

I watched all of the rookies closely and thought you all did a great job,but one guy stood out the most to me.

He always asked questions, always wanted to know what if, and always wanted to go faster.

He was quiet, a little reserved, but smart and attentive, as nothing went by him un-noticed.

His CMC involvement was clearly there.

Just look at his set up,crew shirts,trailer and immaculate car.

He also has a great family backing him up.

So who is it???

Well, I would like to congratulate Greg Robinson as the winner of the 2002 CMC Rookie of the year Award.

We will award your trophy at the next event (plus a small prize too).

A job well done!!

Keep up the good work!


Thank You,


Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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Thanks Tony. I have to say that a huge part of our team is my crew chief Byron Mathieu. He is simply the brains behind the mechanical side of things and helps keep me focused.


We are very pleased to be running with a great group of drivers.


Here's to a fantastic 2003 CMC season!


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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