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Al F.

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I want to ask the group for their opinion on video cameras...


Do you think its worth the investment (if you dont already own one like me)?


What kind of camera do you prefer? Why?


What mount do you like?



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Hey Al, I would get a video camera for two reasons: 1) To review later and learn from it 2)To protect yourself in case of an incident

I would go to http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bh4.sph/FrameWork.class?FNC=StartLink__Aindex_html___SID=F419FE46040


My husband has been buying from their professional side for many years and we have also bought their consumer products for the everyday joe. They are tons cheaper than anywhere in CA and usually have the product in stock, unlike most discount online places. Get a bigger battery or two with the camera when buying it, also a car as well as home charger for the batts. If you need help picking out a camera their online tutorials are good, or you can call them, they are good.


After you get the camera, get an IO Port video camera mount and you are all set.

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My opinion - I love mine. Would definitely do it again. I'd go for a digital one again too, makes editing and saving for the web waaaaaay easier (check my links in the 'Great Weekend' thread).



  • Helps learning a track (repitition builds memory)
    Watching the line, looking for visual cues used for turn ins, apex, exit, etc, that you might not catch while driving a 3500# monster
    Like Julie said, even incident documentation
    And the best one - the 'cool' factor when the buddies come over



  • $$$ - but they're coming down...


I love my Canon Elura - way small. and not distracting at all...

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