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CMC Reno date in the middle of HAN!

Lady in Nomex

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I'm doing some research for us about hotels in Fernley. So far I have found a short list of hotels on the track website, including a Best Western - AAA rates are 1P $72-87, 2P $77-92. Sounded pricey to me even if they have an indoor pool I just e-mailed the track for recommendations. Stay tuned!

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Just made my Reno reservations at the Best Western in Fernley! They are getting booked up fast so be sure to make a reservation if you are even thinking of going. You can always cancel.


Spoke to Jackie at the Reno-Fernley Raceway today- she says there are not any electrical hookups for you stay in the trailer-types. She called it "dry camping." She did say that folks are welcome to camp there and feel free to leave cars overnight, etc as the area is gated. Call Jackie at the track if you have any questions.




Jackie passed along a few comments from the racers testing the track so far: Folks are saying the surface is very smooth and clean. Her comment was the more of us that come up the sooner they can afford to pave the other 1/2 of the track!

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If you did not hear me in the CMC meeting last weekend, I have 10 rooms on hold at the Best Western in Fernley under CMC/NASA and you better get them now,as these are the last of the rooms available since Hot August nights have taken up all the rooms in RENO.Cost is $84 per night.


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