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Fernley Road Course...

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Everyone is bringing their full-tread Toyos to Fernley, right? Yeah, Yeah, I know. It's in the middle of summer in Nevada. But, before you laugh too hard check out these excerpts from wednesdays Chronicle. The headline reads "Reno area gears up for another invasion by Mormon crickets". The article goes on to mention that the hatch is already on in full force, 3 weeks earlier than last year even, when the area was totally inundated by the little beasts. Then at the end it mentions, "The crickets travel in wide bands by the thousands. They can gobble lawns and gardens, and MAKE ROADS DANGEROUSLY SLICK. Jack Keely said the crickets even ate the wood siding of his Red Rock home north of Reno". My Dad happened to see the article after I ripped it from the paper, and told me that 40 years ago or so, he was pulling into a gas station in Blythe, and when he put on his brakes to stop for the pump he didn't slow down a bit, but just slid on past. Then, after circling around for another try, got out of the car and both him and my Mom almost fell on their asses exiting the car. And I was concerned about my lack of Rain Experience! Actually, I think I might bring my Snow Chains just in case. See Y'all Esse' #81...

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