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CMC on TheRaceSite


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Our CMC race reports will be featured all year on www.TheRaceSite.com ,this is one of the best sites for info on Sports car racing in the US. Our race actually is listed right below the race reports from Sebring. CMC is going nationwide!

Thanks to long time Pro racers Wayne and Will Nonnamaker to include us on the web site.

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Nobody will be left out. I got decals coming..(Thanks Deb)

and will bring them all to T-hill. I believe we should be able to have pictures of us on www.TheRaceSite.com as well as long as we are using the decals. Send E-mails to Wayne and let him know you appreciate seeing CMC on the site.

See you guys soon.


#81 ( Team ESSE')

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I'll send you the decals this week so watch your mail. I hope I remember the address.


If anyone wants to write to Wayne Nonnamaker and encourage him to continue posting about CMC and NASA and other west coast based races, send him email at [email protected]. Theracesite.com is, in my humble opinion, the best racing content siteon the internet.


Anyone racing at either of the west coast based Grand Am Cup series races from the CMC series? It's an awesome series. Are you running a car there, Per? You know I just want to be with the driver..,



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