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Anyone need Redline stuff?


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Hey folks -


Julies post reminded me that I was just about of things at home and I should order some more. I have an "in" in with a local Redline distributor and his pricing is pretty good in comparison to what I've seen everywhere else. Here's the pricing I can get on things:


40wt Race oil - $25 / gal

Synthetic D4 ATF $28 / gal

Water Wetter $5.50

5W30 and 10W30 oil - $75 / case of 12


This is what he charges me and all prices don't include tax of 8.25% which is what I get charged. If you want anything, let me know by Tuesday and I'll bring it up to Thunderhill with me.


If something isn't listed, let me know and I'll get a price from him on it.


- Nick

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