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is this thing slow or is it just me?

Al F.

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Yeah, yeah...I know I'm not the fastest car in the field (especially between the green flag and the first turn!) but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm having bad latency problems on this site lately. My connection is working fine everywhere else, but this site is just sloooooow. Is anyone else having this problem??

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Its the site. The site where the box sits is on a T1, but waay further upstream there's been some latency problems. It seems to come and go though. I asked Level3 if they could look into it (we are a large customer of theirs), I havne't heard back yet.


Let me know if it continues to get worse..


- N

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I had horrible problems on about 1/2 the sites I tried yesterday. The worst was msn.com.


Today everything is back to supercharged status. I have PacBell DSL. I suspect they had a problem somewhere.


But this was also slower than dial up on Sunday.



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It's still in pieces at http://www.unbalancedengineering.com (thanks for the referral Nick, and Jason, you're welcome for the free plug - $$ off labor now?)


We're still searching down a good block, Jason is having a tough time getting a good one cheap. Hopefully, we'll know something in a couple of days, but T-Hill is in jeopardy at this point...

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Come on guys..My motor is in pieces right now,but it will be ready for action at Thunderhill..even if I put it together this weekend,still gives me plenty of time...You too!


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