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Grand-Am Cup co-drivers wanted.


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I am in the process of trying to put together a deal to run a two-car Miata team for the two Grand-Am cup west coast races ,Phoenix and Fontana and looking for potential co-drivers.

Race in Phoenix is May 3rd race in Fontana is June 7th (fortunately they worked there schedule around our CMC races so it will not interfere with our schedule). Plan to run Spec Miatas that are capable of running lap times to be very competitive in the STII class. Two drivers per car 1 1/2hr each ,one pit stop , three hour Endurance races.

I had planned to get my #88 Pontiac "Lucille" up to run these events but no time or money to get it done . Grand -Am cup is a great step up to Pro racing and I have a had a great time in the events I run with the series( or as it used to be Firehawk series, Motorola Cup etc). Or just ask J. Trask, Bomarito or Breitenbach...They will tell you. Will have presentation package ready to hand out at T-hill if you are interested.

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Sorry about your car..and not making the 12 hr drive to T-hill ( no Carne Asada and Margaritas...bummer).

I am working on the details and will send you all info(, just E-mail me your address) . The Nonnamakers is helping us promote CMC on www.TheRaceSite.com and they run several cars in Grand-Am cup. To have some of us show up and race with ( beat?) them will be a great thing for all of us.

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I am hoping for a two ( three?) car Miata team with CMC/AI drivers for the two events. Having compared lap times with what the other STII class car should be competitive. Would like to race in GSI or GSII but the prices for rentals in those classes is crazy! I am working on a budget and info pacakge and plan to have it ready just in time for T-Hill.

And it really sucks with your race car and trailer. Hope to see you up there with your car.

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