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Mobil 1 CMC Mustang Update


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As the West Coasters know, the #2 Exxon Superflo Mustang retired from CMC racing service when I moved from Northern California. Now in the Houston area of Texas, race preparations begin again for the much-anticipated August event, where the Mustang will debut it's new "rebranded" Mobil-1 backing.


First off, some much needed sheetmetal work is in order and the car should go to the bodyshop in April. I checked up a little too early at Thunderhill some years back and 2000 CMC Champion Greg Reghetti gave me a nice bump from behind to make sure I knew he was there. Then, in my final West Coast event (11/2001) my hood flew open at Sears Point. (It's tough to Coordinate, tech cars AND race in this series...some times you forget the little things!!!) Finally, after 5 years of CMC racing and 7 years of Nevada Open Road Racing (read 145 MPH for 40 minutes) the front bumper/bra has seen it's better days. The car will get a complete make-over with refreshed rear quarter and nose...and of course the Mobil-1 graphics.


Mechanically, the car's ready to go. Oil temps were a little warmer than I'd like my last few Calif. events and preparing for Texas in August, I think I'm going to rethink my oil cooler location and electric fan selection. Fresh fluids and I'll be ready to go!!!


I'm curious what other Texas cars are also ready to go racing in CMC & American Iron?!?

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Todd and others,


I have been working on my ride for about 8 months now and well, I wish I could say it would be ready for August, I don't think the car or myself will be ready by then.


I sure hope to be ready for a fresh 2004 season. Here are a few photos of the car...


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 2


I still have alot to do on the car...

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Hey David,


I dunno - those pics look pretty good to me. Either way, please see if you can attend the event. If nothing else but to meet the other racers.

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Hey there Adam... Well, I sat down yesterday and looked over the budget and the schedule to complete the suspension... it looks tight, but it still may happen...


I need to get on the horn and get my K-member ordered from MM... that is the last large suspension item I am lacking... I think some people have had to wait 4 weeks to get theirs... I am going to order it today or tomorrow to make sure I have plenty of time...


I was jumping up and down this weekend, I was thinking I screwed up a strut adjuster on my Koni... I jammed the adjuster with the hood, anyway, it was stuck and would not turn... after trying all sorts of stuff and talking with some buddies it was buy a new one or just turn as hard as I can and see if it frees up... either way it was leading to a new strut... I grabbed my 24" channel locks and twisted away... it broke free and works fine... Damn that would have sucked, I thought I was going to have to spring for a new strut... this one has about 300 miles on it...




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