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New CMC Message Board!


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...now has a message board community similar to this one dedicated to American-Iron and Camaro-Mustang Challenge! Go to the "Forums" section for this national bulletin board. Since the American Iron websites don't have message boards, the topics and postings are generally AI, but many CMC followers would love to hear from you racers!


Check it out!!!

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For those of you that may not know, there is a "get together" type of thing on that message board this saturday at 12noon pacific time. It seems as they have helped spread the word quite well about AI and CMC so it would be nice if us racers show up and participate to help. Being that it is the saturday before our next race it may be difficult for some to get on their computer, but I believe it is only scheduled for one hour. As an AI racer myself I think it is great to get the word out and drum up all the support we can get.



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