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Thanks to all for the generous offers of help on swapping rear ends at the track on Saturday. Thanks especially to Al Fernandez for offering to loan his spare axle. Unfortunately we were defeated by details.


I am picking up a hub to hub rear from a 98 today. Hopefully it will hold up.


I am beginning to feel some of Tony's pain on these successive short weekends.


Tony, does NASA have any provision for partial credit for weekend entry fees when we break?? This is the second weekend in a row I never saw the track on Sunday.


Awesome race on Saturday guys! I don't think that ASedan driver knew what was happening when he was caught up in the Erick vW/Ben Paaft dice midrace.



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Any time Perry...sorry it didn't work out for you, but I know at some point someone is going to be really happy I drag that thing around with me every weekend. Just hope it's not me

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Yes, to answer your question there is a way.

Here is how you can do it.Enter Saturday and Sunday seperately (cost $20 more),but if you break Saturday you get Sunday back.

You get a full refund as always if you don't ever get on the track,but once you hit the track for one lap,your day starts.

By the way,great come back after seeing your car at Fontana on the flip side!!


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My thanks go out to Mike Plum for letting me have his spare tranny! Without Mike's generosity and my terrific pit crew I could not have run Sunday. I had a blast both days and was happy to let Fast Eddie have a race Saturday to earn his provisional license. He has been out of racing for a while and let his license run out. The teacher was definitely showing the student how it is done!


Thanks to all for being a great group of racers to hang with! See ya in Willow Springs!

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