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Another great weekend

Al F.

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Another one is in the books, and as crazy as it sounds, I think this weekend generated even more war stories than Fontana. Those standing starts were just awesome! Even though I spun (ahem) four times, I managed to not hurt anything. Maybe I shouldnt take those rookie stickers off just yet!! Still, that was far better luck than some others, but what was really cool was everyone helping each other to get their cars back together. I gotta tell you guys that were out front, the battle at the back between Tim, Pat, Julie, and myself was fantastic. I'm not really sure who ended up on top of that, since I lost it on the last turn of the last lap and ended up running up pit lane to keep from hitting the wall, but it was just great, clean racing!!

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Hey Al! I was just reading my first race report for my first race weekend with CMC, which was also at Thunderhill. I spun a lot too! My compliments to you for not letting me have an inch without really workin' ya! If you would like to test at T-Hill sometime let me know; I am always up for it! They have test days on Fridays.

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The weekend was awesome.

Lots to write about!

I'm doing the points,race report,and a ton of other stuff.

Should be done in a day or two.



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Dammit. Glad YOU GUYS had a good weeknd.


I do have to say this though - this was the first CMC race weekend I DIDN'T blow a motor.




See you guys at Willow!

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