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Tony G

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Camaro Mustang Challenge Race Weekend Number Two


On April 5th 2003 Thunderhill Park Racetrack in Willows California, brought out 20 Registered CMC racers ready for action.

The weather was a perfect 65 degrees,and we would again have our own race group combined with American Iron and AIX..

Saturdays qualifying saw Dave Morin taking the pole with a 2:05.8, with Team BAF, Guaglione, Steel, and Van Wagenen rounding out the top five.

Race number one would have us grid with A/I and AIX in the front of us with a standing start. I must say hearing 30 American powered V-8’s revving up getting ready to burn their tires a half a block was something to see, and the crowd went wild to attest to that!

The green flag dropped and we were off, and it was Team BAF and Guaglione fighting for the first corner as we were already trying to pass some of the slower A/I cars!

After the first lap it was team BAF and Guaglione locked bumper to bumper and hard charging Van Wagenen, Steel, and newcomer Ed Varon were in the chase.

After a few laps it was still team BAF in the lead with Guaglione in second who was breaking in a new engine ( I guess that’s one way to break it in ) , also a few mid pack lead changes were going on. One thing I have to say is that with 28 cars on the track, there were at least five different races going on at the same time, which makes it a blast for everyone who is out there.

Final results saw the two Mustangs, (finally) of team BAF, and Guaglione taking the first and second positions respectfully.

Taking a strong third was Van Wagenen, followed by Steel, Varon, Morin, Trask, Donahoe, Plum, Helldin, Stone, Bergman, Bullock, Gregory, Fernandez, and Sparklin.

Race number two for the day would put us in with the BMW group, and we would be running the famous CMC inverted race as the slower ones go to the front and the fast guys to the back.

I am convinced that doing this makes us some of the best drivers out there.

There is no better way to get good at driving then when you are in traffic, as your skill level goes way up.

This time the A/I and AIX cars would start behind us, but again in the standing start method.

As the flag dropped all I could see were 20 cars going for every inch that there was on the track, and with no less than FOUR wide into turn one and three wide into turn two.

It goes to show that the respect we have for each other off the track, also continues on the track, as we had no body contact, which is quite amazing if you saw how close we got!

I actually had several people in the crowd come up to me after the race to say “that was the most exciting race I have ever seenâ€, boy I love to here that, but then again, why do you think CMC has had such explosive growth!

Back to the race, we all stayed in a huge pack for several laps as passing was going on all over the place, but no one was running away with it.

Some of the A/I guys blasted through us, while some others stayed with us the entire race.

The final results saw Trask and his beautiful 95 Camaro taking first, with Steel, Helldin, Guaglione, and Varon rounding out the top five.


It was then Team BAF, Van Wagenen, Plum, Donahoe, Morin, Bullock, Bergman/Marshall, Sparklin, Fernandez, Stone, and Gregory.


Sunday morning would see a practice then qualifying, and everyone getting ready for our final race of the weekend.

I must commend the A/I and AIX group that we run with for their driving talents as well as ours.

We mix it up pretty close out there and we have great respect for each other.

Driving in a group of “like†cars is really an excellent combination.


Sundays race was as clean as ever but everyone was reported to come into impound after the race, and after Ben Pfaff looked at all of the required Dyno sheets, eight of the 18 cars would be disqualified for Dyno sheet infractions…live and learn.

This gave Erick Van Wagenen his first and well deserved first place finish, with Dave Morin taking second, and Guaglione third. It was then Varon, Plum, Steel, Bergman, with all others being Dq’d.

Some notes: Tough Luck goes to Perry Kincy who was back after flipping at Fontana which is quite a comeback, but only to have his rear end let go in the Saturday warm up.

Myself (Tony Guaglione), actually ran the entire weekend without blowing up a motor. I hope that’s all behind me now.

Julie Bergman blew her trans only to find Mike Plum giving her another one to race with, thanks Mike!

Scott Gregory learned all about Legends driving, and how to take dents out of a car at the track. Nice effort Scott!

Al Fernandez really knows how to spin that Camaro, but he is on the learning curve and doing very well.

We missed Dave Adams, Greg Robinson, Rick Santos Greg Righetti, and a few more.

Next event will be at Willow Springs in Rosamond Ca.on May 24/25th. See you there!!


Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

CMC # 55

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Glad to hear everyone had a good weekend. Thanks to Nick Steel for the photos. We were sure sorry to miss the event. Engine number two is ready for action after spending our "race weekend" at the dyno. We look forward to seeing everyone at WSIR.


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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Looking forward to see you at Willow Springs.

And we will have our dyno sheet ready this time...That sunday DQ was so silly...


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That was weird...just got an "invalid session" message after trying to pos...


Anyway, I just wanted to say great write up to Tony and appologize to the group for not following the rules. The car is the same as it ran last year, so I know its legal, but I should've made it more of a priority to get the dyno done.


By the way, I know Ben doesn't like being the bad guy after the races, but I'm glad someone is there to do it. So, to make it somewhat less of a thankless job...thanks Ben.

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